Matthew A Brown

The Timekeeper’s Game

An Interactive Halloween Event

The Timekeeper's Game was a week-long interactive online event built around the 2-hour audio drama, The Timekeeper, featuring Judah Lewis, Chandler Kinney and Arjun Athalye. Judah also executive produced. The intent was to create a proof of concept for creating enhanced user experiences around long form storytelling.

The experience included a limited time Twitch premiere with a visual accompaniment that leveraged the AI program DALLE-2, a digital token character collection that allowed owners access to a gated website where they could play The Timekeeper's Game (trivia and puzzle based) and compete for individual and community prizes.

I wrote and directed the audio drama and led the project from concept through creation, overseeing every aspect of development and execution. The wrap report below is the best way to get the full scope of the project.

Additional info:

Visual accompaniment and all trailers/teases were produced by Chris Grissom.